Is Justcloud the Right Option for You?

by Admin on April 8, 2013

Justcloud Review


If you’re considering using JustCloud, but you aren’t quite sure whether or not it is worth your time, we are going to give you the rundown on it in this detailed Review. The first thing we are going to look at regarding this online backup product is the price. Most people look at the price of a product before anything else and this is no exception. Justcloud’s plans start at around $7 a month, but they often offer specials that allow you to get it for as little as $2. At $7 a month, it is priced very well for what you get, so there’s no way that the price can be complained about.

The Different Plans Justcloud Offers

As far as the product itself, one first impression would be that it is extremely user-friendly, meaning that just about anyone can use it. That isn’t to say that a complete computer novice can hop on and get started, but as far as someone who works on a computer or at least uses one on a regular basis, these types of people will have no problem at all using JustCloud, even if they aren’t a programmer or web designer. On top of that, JustCloud offers three different plans to choose from, which are Home, Unlimited and Premium — with the unlimited plan offering unlimited storage at $10, which is an absolute steal!

The home plan offers 75GB of space and the premium plan offers 250GB of space, so even the smaller plans are still a great value. It all just depends on what you need, but regardless of what it is, you’re not going to get ripped off here. Something else that is worthy of bringing up is the fact that JustCloud doesn’t have any type of file restrictions, meaning that you can upload any file type including .exe files, which some providers will not allow. With this type of freedom, you also can’t complain about restrictions, as there aren’t any with JustCloud.

Moving on, with JustCloud, you can also access your files from your Android phone or iOS, as well as most tablets as there is an app just for JustCloud that you can download. This makes accessing your files on the go pretty easy and will definitely be a favorite feature of the traditional businessman. Some companies out there charge extra for this feature to cover the costs of developing the app, but that isn’t the case with JustCloud. While it may play a factor into their monthly prices, they don’t openly charge extra for it, so that’s a definite plus.

At this point, JustCould would definitely be a recommended service in my opinion. If you’re not convinced right now to give it a shot then the next great thing about this product is sure to have you reconsidering. JustCloud offers a 14 day, no risk trial of the product. That means you can have access to all its features and give everything a test drive absolutely free. Not many other online backup service providers on the Internet offer this with no strings attached, so I’d highly recommend taking advantage of that and at least trying the product.

Compatibility and Device Support

Did I mention the compatibility of this product? If not, just know that JustCloud works on Windows 8, 7, XP, Vista, 2000, and even on Blackberries and iPads. It may even work on other platforms and devices, but those are the main ones that it 100% works on with great success. You can get everything set up with no headache, a pretty quick download, and an even faster installation time. If you’re in a hurry to get up and running then time is the last thing you’ll need to worry about in regards to using JustCloud. What’s even crazier is, I’m not the only one that thinks this. I’ve seen a ton of reviews from other JustCloud users that praise the product!


I’ve heard everything from “this product rocks” to “Just Cloud’s services excel.” When a product gets this popular and has this many people using it, praising it and renewing their subscriptions, you’ve definitely struck gold. As with any services, there may be kinks (if there are, they’ve yet to be seen) but that doesn’t take away from the amazing amount of storage you get for a low price, awesome customer service, and a dummy proof user interface. If you’re in the market for online backup storage then JustCloud may be something to consider. Numbers normally don’t lie and if that’s the case, JustCloud is the best of the best.

Finally, the last thing to be said about JustCloud’s services are that if you’re in the market for the cheapest product then JustCloud may not be right for you as I’m sure there are products out there for a cheaper price, but if you want a product that is reliable and won’t let you down, JustCloud is right for you. Give it a shot, use the 14 day free trial, and see what you think!

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The Basics of Cloud Storage

by Admin on April 8, 2013

Cloud Storage Basics

Cloud computing and Cloud Storage are two terms that people are hearing more often and yet many have no idea what this means. What is the cloud and what is it used for? Cloud storage is nothing more than space on the Internet that people can use for storage data. Many choose to use the storage space to back up files on other storage devices, such as a USB flash or external hard drive. This storage is provided using a network of virtual servers and these servers allow users to manage files and organize storage among other things.

The Benefits of Using the Cloud

The television show “Hoarders” has been increasing in popularity and it shows the vast amount of stuff a person can collect over time. From clothing and decorations to animals, people tend to amass stuff on a regular basis. If one were to go look at many computer systems, they would find that a large majority of the population could be considered computer hoarders. From photos and documents to e-mail, people tend to save a lot of computer files of all types.

The Cloud allows users to store this data using the Internet and one advantage to this is the data may be accessed anywhere the user has an Internet connection. Data can be shared by a number of users and synchronized across a number of devices. Another major benefit of using the cloud is that the data is backed up by the cloud provider and the cloud handles all maintenance tasks, leaving the user free to focus on other things.

Businesses love the cloud as they only pay for the storage space needed at any given time. Cloud storage space can be increased or decreased without a lot of hassle so businesses save money. Money is also saved on IT costs as there is no in house maintenance and companies always have access to the newest technology. Companies choose to either maintain cloud storage on-premise or off, depending on the needs of the company and laws, regulations and policies overseeing the particular industry.

How Does Cloud Computing Work?

Cloud computing has been around for some time now although most didn’t even realize it. If you have ever used Google Docs or watched a video on YouTube, you were making use of cloud storage as the cloud is where these items were stored until you accessed them. Facebook and MySpace make use of the cloud to store member information, pictures and updates and e-mail providers store e-mail messages using the cloud until the e-mail user reads and deletes the message.

Cloud storage systems use one or more data servers which are connected to the Internet. When a cloud user sends information over the Internet to the server, the server records this information. When the client wishes to access the information again, he or she logs in to the server on the Internet and retrieves the files.

Most systems of this type make use of hundreds of data servers and store the client files on multiple machines. This is known as redundancy and is of great importance. If one data server needs to be maintained or repaired, the cloud user still retains access to the information from another of the data servers. Most systems make use of different power supplies to ensure this is the case also.

Why Some Are Hesitant to Use Cloud Storage

Security and reliability are two concerns many have when it comes to making use of the cloud. Users want to know that their information will be protected at all times and accessible to them when they need it. Cloud system providers understand this and have put measures into place to ensure their systems are secure and reliable.

Most systems make use of encryption to protect information. To decode these files, the user must have an encryption key. The systems require a user create a user name and password to ensure they are accessing their information and no one else. In addition, the cloud system allows users to determine who has access to what information. Cloud systems invest a lot in security to protect data.

Reliability is another concern of many. Users need to be able to access this information at any time. This is why redundancy is a top priority of cloud system providers. To ensure a company is reliable, a user should research different providers to see what others have to say about the safety and reliability measures used by the provider.

More and more are turning to cloud storage rather than traditional backup measures. As the cloud expands, more options will become available. Technology continues to advance at a rapid rate and users find that their software never becomes outdated with the cloud. Cloud computing is something every user should not only consider, but should check out for themselves. The benefits of doing so shouldn’t be discounted and the drawbacks should be of very little concern as long as a reputable provider is selected.


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